National Mining Corporation

Activating the mining sector in Libya

Drawing scientific plans and programs

Mining Sector Regulation

Inventory of existing quarries 
conclusion of contracts for investors

Conclude A number of Agreements

To establish new cement factories, a number of projects have been proposed To exploit some raw materials, the best international practices and the highest standards


Placing the mining industry on the map of the Libyan economy as an important tributary and one of the elements of the Libyan national income by 2033.


Leading the development of the mining sector as the pillars of the economy and industry by maximizing the value of mineral resources and strengthening the presence of the Libyan mining giant globally.

National Mining Corporation About the Corporation

Given the important role mining plays in the regional economy of any country
The decision to establish the National Mining Corporation aims to activate the activity of the mining sector in Libya and to draw scientific plans and programs that directly contribute to the possibility of benefiting from the optimal exploitation of the available mineral raw materials and to employ them well to establish mining projects that contribute to supporting the GDP by encouraging the attraction of local and foreign investors and becoming The activity of one of the main components of the national economy. Accordingly, Resolution No. (161) for the year 2007 AD was issued regarding the establishment of the National Mining Corporation.
In order to complete the objectives for which the Corporation was established, Resolution No. (70) for the year 2008 AD was issued regarding the determination of some provisions in mines and quarries, according to which the Corporation was assigned tasks Implementing Law No. (2) of 1971 regarding mines and quarries, its executive regulations and amendments .

Mines and QuarriesLocal Mineral Ores

Metallic Ores

Metallic Ores

These are the ores from which metallic minerals such as iron, copper, nickel, chromium, tin, aluminum and others are extracted, where it was possible to discover and study iron ores in Wadi Al-Shati, as well as some other minerals such as gold, iron, copper and lead in the eastern Owainat area.
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Non-Metallic Mineral Ores

Non-Metallic Mineral Ores

They are raw materials that enter as raw materials in many industries, such as raw materials for building materials, phosphates, and salts, and they are called industrial rocks. Many of them have been discovered and studied, as some of them are exploited industrially, and many sites are still not exploited. 
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The Foundation represents a major step to support the global production of vital minerals.
We are committed to maintaining the safety and health of all our workers

The most important non-metallic mineral ores: